footprints´s brain

alone, looking for footprints, talking to an archeologist's brains, choosing which is the best dream to follow
forgetting old lovers
letting the phone ring

embrace sound


people have many certainties

make jokes

I'm laughing machine

but here in the solitude of the room:
jazz feeling

I remember what you said
and if you do not trust me, my dear
because you chose to fall in love to your fears
is because your fears are more beautiful than I

kiss you better
make you laugh more

I hope

Choosing quietly
my peers

my new family

for who the machine smile, smile

tired of explaining
the season explanations is over

'll restore your calm
your money
Your will
your kiss
your home
your smell
your words
your clothes
your underwear
your brother
your injury
your hurt
your certainties


now you're alone in the room

open window
see people walking down the street

see how each one is different


they still walk down the street
so different from you

you realize that it started to rain
they open their umbrellas
you decide to go out
and for the first time in your life
you feel
“raindrops keep falling on your head”
Now, you are wet

the people and you look the same
and you think for the first time in your life
that you are like everyone else
you can be like everyone else

and now it´s me who is looking to you from my window

just looking for footprints
writing my new story

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marcos freitas said...

wooow ...BRAVO!!!

go ahead ...jump!!!